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Club NV
123 Liberty Pole Way
Rochester, New york 14604
(585) 454 - 7230

The Club




Reggae Thursdays, Ladies 18, Fellas 21, everyone 21+ FREE B4 11:00pm, Drink Specials: $2 Heineken, $2 Corona, $3 LI's, $3 Sex on the Beach, $3 Well Drinks 10 - 11pm. No white or black tees, no hooded sweatshirts. DJ Willie Daniels, DJ Shortman, DJ Illmatic, Coat Check


Latino Fridays, Ladies 18, Fellas 21, everyone 21+ FREE B4 11pm, Drink Specials: $2 Heineken, $2 Corona, $3 LI's, $3 Sex on the Beach, $3 Well Drinks 10 - 11pm. No white or black tees, no hooded sweatshirts. DJ Bobby Base + Freddy Colon Spinning Salsa, Reggaeton and Reggae, Coat Check


Hip Hop Saturdays, 21+ Ladies FREE B4 12, Fellas til 10:30, Doors open 10pm, Drink Specials:Drink Specials: $2 Heineken, $2 Corona, $3 LI's, $3 Sex on the Beach, $3 Well Drinks, DJ GI + DJ Backspin Hip Hop R&B + Reggae, VIP Room DJ Shortman - Reggae, Dress code: No white t's, no hooded sweatshirts, no jackets, coat check, VIP available for Partys, Enclosed smoke area, Picture taking


VIP Room available for Birthday & Holiday parties or any other special occasions.

- Hours from 10 til 2am
- Around 40 people
- Room exclusive for you and your guest
- You can decorate & bring your own food (you cannot bring your own drinks)
- No waiting in line for you and your guests
- Admission charge is the same at the door for that particular night

To book VIP room, please email your Name, Number and Date to stac@clubnvroc.com or call club info line at 585.454.7230

The Sound

DJ Grand Imperia

Name: Grand Imperial
Music: hip hop, reggae & R & B
Biography: n/a


DJ Bobby Base

Name: DJ Bobby Base
Music: salsa, merengue, reggaeton
Biography: n/a

DJ Freddy Colon

Name: DJ Freddy Colon
Music: salsa, merengue, reggaeton
Biography: n/a

DJ Willie Daniels

Name: Willie Daniels
Music: Reggae
Biography: n/a

DJ Shortman

Name: DJ Shortman
Music: Reggae
Biography: n/a

DJ Illmatic

Name: Illmatic
Music: Reggae
Biography: n/a

DJ Big Reg

Name: DJ Big Reg
Music: Hip Hop / Reggae
Biography: Rochester, New York, birthplace to a horde of talented individuals lacking the proper outlets of mainstream exposure. Conformity overwhelms the masses that finally break through the barrier to fame and the un-loyalists find it easier to claim a borough in NYC. BigReg affirms, “Not me, when the world knows me… they will know Rochester!” The DJ BigReg is on a mission to show the world, that there is real talent here in the “585”.

DJing since the age of 13, BigReg has been “through the whole LL thing” he “[wanted] a moped but [his] grandmother was willing to buy anything that was not as dangerous.” In retrospect, “I chose a set of turntables.” Reg has been grooming and honing his craft ever since.

BigReg has been a staple on the party scene in Upstate N.Y. for over ten years, as well as a Saturday night mix show on W.D.K.X in Rochester. BigReg along with DJ Green Lantern pioneered the Upstate mix tape sound. “Green and I started our careers together. I lost focus though, after the untimely passing of an aunt, who helped raise me.”

ven without the accrual of National notoriety: BigReg has rocked over 20,000 people with “Terror Squad,” creators of the 2004 Summer Anthem “Lean Back;” and, opened for “A” list Hip Hop super stars such as RUN DMC, Jay-Z, NAS, Notorious B.I.G, and Eminem. BigReg has controlled the 1 and 2’s for megastars like Kanye West, Jae Millz and Spragga Benz, at their jam-packed shows in and around Upstate NY. Recently Reg, along with BET’s “Big Tigga”, had 12,000 people in a frenzy at a step show in Rochester. Whether it’s 1 or 20,000 people, BigReg keeps “their hands up, like it’s a robbery. Now that’s a party!” Whether its radio, mix tapes, or at a club, get ready for “The Next Problem… DJ BigReg”



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October 11, 2008 - Eddie Griffin Comedy Show

May 31, 2008 - Birthday Bash for DJ Willie Daniels

October 31, 2007 - Auditorium Center, Shackin' Up

August 29, 2007 - The Pre-Labor Day Bashment featuring DJ GI and DJ Willie Daniels
July 16, 2007 - Photos from Friday, Saturday and Mad Flavors Hair Show after party added to Photo Gallery

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Cherry Popsicle
Exclusive drink only at Club NV

Please ask for Sue

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